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Grow the business you want with the working capital you need.

  • Easy-to-use interface gives you complete control over your funding needs 
  • Your credit availability moves in real time based on your open invoices 
  • Receive funds within 24 hours 
  • Competitive rates and price transparency, with no renewal or unused line fees 
  • Dedicated team of working capital advisors to help at every step

The C2FO Difference

"America's future rests on our entrepreneurial fire. But in recent years, the spark within many entrepreneurs has struggled to find the oxygen to burn bright. The causes are many: predatory practices, lack of access to capital and social networks, the need for learning and community, and the systemic failures that lead some to not even try. Providing working capital to help diverse businesses meet customer demand and scale has enormous potential to be a powerful economic catalyst for the country as a whole and historically marginalized communities in particular."

Power your Potential

Diverse-owned businesses are powerful vehicles that fuel economic prosperity and revitalize marginalized communities. Despite this, systemic barriers impact equitable access to working capital and impede business growth. In fact, according to the 2022 Federal Reserve's Small Business Credit Survey, businesses owned by people of color were roughly 2x less likely to receive the full amount of financing they sought. C2FO and the Schultz Family Foundation seek to fight this inequality by partnering to offer $100 million in loans and encourage diverse-owned businesses to apply.

Howard Schultz, Schultz Family Foundation co-founder 
and Starbucks interim CEO

Apply Today

Eligible businesses typically meet the following criteria:

  • $500,000+ annual revenue 
  • 6+ months in business 
  • Business operating/incorporated in the continental US

Through this one-of-a-kind partnership, business owners like you may qualify for C2FO's Capital Finance program and secure a revolving line of credit, starting at $250,000, at a competitive rate. Unlock unparalleled flexibility and access to low-cost capital on your terms and when you need it for growth, innovation, and more.

How the Program Works

While banks and other alternative lenders focus on limiting risk, we focus on helping you succeed on your terms. Your credit limit is based on your sales -- not years in business, last year's financials or last month's accounts receivable (AR) aging report. 

C2FO's Capital Finance application is simple. With our on-demand line of credit, you decide which receivables you want to fund early. Any new invoices you send to your clients as part of this program increase the funds available on your credit line. 

How long is the approval process? 
Our team will work to process your application quickly and efficiently after receiving all application documents. We fully commit to a transparent, timely and collaborative due diligence process that fits with your schedule.

How soon can I get my first advance? 
Within five business days of approval.

How much does it cost? 
The cost depends on a number of scenarios. We can provide a preliminary term sheet to you over the phone after a discussion about your business.

How much can I borrow? 
Once approved, your credit limit grows along with your open, eligible receivables.

How will this impact my customer relationships? 
It won’t. Unlike factoring, you continue to own your relationship, invoices and the collections process. The only thing that changes is the bank account where your customer remits payment. 

What if I don’t request an advance? 
There are no penalty fees or non-usage charges. You have complete control over your funding needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

C2FO is the world’s on-demand working capital platform, providing fast, flexible and equitable access to low-cost capital to nearly 2 million businesses worldwide. Using patented Name Your Rate® technology and a suite of working capital solutions, companies can get paid sooner by the world’s largest enterprises — unlocking billions in risk-free capital. With a mission of ensuring that every business has the capital needed to thrive, C2FO has delivered more than $262 billion in funding around the world. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Kansas City, USA, with offices around the globe, C2FO is working to build a better, more inclusive financial system every day. To learn more, visit C2FO.com.

About C2FO

The Schultz Family Foundation, established in 1996 by Sheri and Howard Schultz, is dedicated to creating greater opportunity, accessible to all. The Foundation launched the Entrepreneurs Equity Fund to invest in diverse businesses as vehicles for fostering a more inclusive economy, creating jobs and building wealth in historically marginalized communities. Learn more at www.schultzfamilyfoundation.org.

About The Schultz Family Foundation

When all businesses have access to the capital they need — when a financial system is truly inclusive — we all win.

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Learn more about C2FO's partnership with the Schultz Family Foundation and how to secure a line of credit for your growing business.

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